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Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen own the Hailun Piano Company. Both were graduates of the Piano Technology School in Bejing where they met and fell in love with each other as well as with the world of pianos. They founded their company together, which was initially co-owned by the Chinese government. The company specialized in producing piano parts and quickly became known as one of the most reliable supplier of highest accuracy semi-finished pianos. Mr. Chen incrementally purchased full control for the company and set his goal to build the finest pianos in the Far East. During that time he met a fourth generation piano builder from Vienna, Austria. Peter Veletzky and Hailun Chen struck up a special friendship and Mr. Veletzky transferred know-how and technology in order to build instruments that would be able to compete with makers in Europe. Hailun Piano Company also invested heavily in Japanese and German digital production equipment and manufacturing lines and is currently employing the newest and most advanced technology available to piano manufacturers.

With more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has become the standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East. Hailun's 430,000 square foot factory now employs over 800 workers and 37 seasoned piano engineers. This uncompromising insistence to achieve maximum quality and product excellence has made Hailun the piano of choice for thousands all over the world. Since the partnership with Mr. Veletzky Hailun has retained the talents of well-known American piano designer and engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano voicing and sound specialist Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and French scale designer and piano builder Stephen Paulello. These partnerships ensure long-term quality, innovation, and artistic production at Hailun Pianos. With over 360 European piano dealers, over 80 U.S. Authorized Hailun Merchants, over 40 merchants in Japan, and a growing network in other parts of the world, the Hailun Piano Company is a global influence in the world of pianos. For more information, contact Hailun.

The Nord Stage is a digital keyboard or stage piano, manufactured by Clavia Digital Music Instruments of Stockholm in Sweden. There have been three editions of the instrument as of 2012 – these are the original Nord Stage in 2005, the Nord Stage EX in 2008, and the Nord Stage 2 in 2011. The Nord Stage follows the success of earlier keyboard instruments from Clavia, and contains similar emulations of vintage electromechanical keyboards such as the Hammond Organ and electric pianos as found on the Nord Electro 2, with additional functionality including a weighted piano-like keyboard on certain models, a synthesizer section based on the Nord Lead, a more versatile organ section and extended effects processing. Unlike the Electro, the Stage is multitimbral, which means it can play more than one sound at once, either by splitting the internal keyboard or connecting an external MIDI controller.

The Moog company pioneered the commercial manufacture of modular voltage-controlled analog synthesizer systems. Company founder Dr. Robert Arthur Moog had begun manufacturing and selling vacuum-tube theremins in kit form while he was a student in the early 1950s and marketed his first transistorized theremin kits in 1961.Moog became interested in the design and construction of complex electronic music systems in the mid-1960s and the burgeoning interest in his designs enabled him to establish a small company (R. A. Moog Co., which became Moog Music and later, Moog Electronics) to manufacture and market the new devices.

Intex Cables are completely hand made from the finest components here in the USA. All connector parts are made of solid metal from brass M642/1-1. 

The Dual Sustain Single Pedal is a new sustain/control pedal for Keyboards, Synthesizers and Workstations that sustains two keyboards with one pedal! Something really unique you can't find elsewhere.

The DSSP is an essential tool for keyboard players who play stacks (two keyboards). Some find it challenging to use multiple pedals due to it limiting their performance. However, the innovative DSSP is designed for just that purpose. The DSSP has two lines coming from the mold of the pedal and easily connects to every brand of keyboard.

Mystro endorses Famous Chef Keith Lorren his motto is 

"I Invented Cooking"! Keith has created a empire with his original signature seasonings and spices! 

Mystro says: "The flavor is out of this world".

Mystro and Keith met 2 years ago via youtube. Mystro learned his famous "Jerk Chicken" recipe by watching Keith's video that is featured on his youtube channel. Keith and Mystro have now became great friends and are planning on some future business projects! 

The Michael Jackson Estate: John G. Branca and John McClain When Michael Jackson tragically died in 2009, John Branca was appointed Co-Executor of his Estate. In accordance with Michael’s wishes and to ensure the health of the Jackson estate, Branca with Co-Executor John McClain took immediate steps to refinance and substantially reduce the estate’s debts with a plan to ensure that Michael Jackson’s mother and children would be provided for. In May 2013, the CBS news show 60 Minutes cited their efforts on Michael’s behalf as “the most remarkable financial and image resurrection in pop culture history.” In 2011 Piano Virtuoso Mystro did a now viral Piano Tribute honoring Michael Jackson that got the attention of both John Branca and John McClain and they were blown away with Mystro's performance! They are currently supporting Mystro's efforts to honor Michael Jackson through his Piano Tributes.  


In addition to exclusive access to the GRAMMY365 community, The Recording Academy provides Mystro with resources designed specifically for him a recording industry professional. Mystro's benefits cover a wide range of categories important to him as a International Piano Virtuoso.